About Us

Why We Exist

Helpful Career Guide (HCG) was created in response to challenges observed in finding jobs opportunities abroad that considered international applicants without work visas or permits. One of our priorities is, therefore, to highlight opportunities internationally with companies who consider international applicants without visas or work permits. As HCG is based in Barbados, it is also important to us that we feature jobs locally and in the Caribbean.  In addition, given the trend in remote work and entrepreneurship, HCG also seeks to show opportunities available in these areas as well as options for volunteering and training.

sunset in St. Peter Barbados
We feel blessed to call Barbados home. Credit- Kyle J Skeete Photography

How We Can Help

At Helpful Career Guide, our aim is to build a comprehensive compilation of resources to assist in the process of job hunting, freelancing and the pursuit of career growth. On our site, feel free to browse our resources on:

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